the build quality of a web site can be assessed by it's machine to human "communication bandwidth" - the speed and ease with which a visitor may locate and assimilate information of value. from an online philosophy resource to buying and selling via ebay the same measure holds true

servers that run without failing, pages that load in the time it takes to click the link, sites that operate without errors on a broad range of different platforms and browsers, information architecture sufficiently considered such that all the routes the user might want to access information are catered for. whenever someone clicks a link they get what they want and only what they want, visual design that oils the flow of information interchange by the use of an intuitive and pleasing interface. visual and technical design that does not constrict information interchange by the use of large slow-loading files, platform-specific proprietary technology and egocentric focus on the needs of the web site creator rather than the information needs of the web site visitor

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Creation Date2001-09-10
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